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Finding parts is often a “hit and miss” process for the average person. You may spend hours trying to find what they are looking for and still not have approached 10% of the applicable contacts. BIKEPARTS allows the customer to send a signal request and get back the best pricing and quality. BIKEPARTS is linked to all the bike shops in SA and will send out a bulk email to all the relevant shops that could assist with your request. The request automatically is searched throughout South Africa’s suppliers and the result are sent back to BikeParts. The best price and quality result is found and sent back to the customer.

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From Custom build trailers to second hand trailer looking to carry you where you want to go.


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Here to get things done for you with no hassle. 


In order for you to request a bike part from the site, you will need to fill out the request form found below. BikeParts will notify you with all details regarding your request. Once Payment is made the part will be ordered and couriered directly to you or pick up can be arranged at the BikeParts office.

BikeParts receives the request & sends out an email to all relevant recipients.

BikeParts informs the customer that the part is available and at what price.

Customer can either collect from BikeParts or can arrange to have the part couriered at their cost.

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Customer then informs BikeParts that he would be interested in purchasing the part.

Once the money is available in the account the part is ordered from the dealer.

Process takes +- 5 days if parts is available locally or +- 3 weeks if it has to be ordered from abroad.


Ordering a Part Has Never Been Easier (Required*)




To source and supply all bike related request’s to our customers as quickly and efficiently as possible. Ensuring that we provided you with the best quality parts at the best price.


We deal in the buying and selling of bike parts, bike accessories and even finding your dream bike. BikeParts specializes in reducing time spent on looking for parts and getting unbeatable prices.

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