Finding parts is often a “hit and miss” process for the average person. You may spend hours trying to find what they are looking for and still not have approached 10% of the applicable contacts.


  Value To Customer


The Bike Parts sourcing engine and marketplace, allows the customer to send a single request and get back the best pricing and quality. The request automatically is searched throughout South Africa’s bike part suppliers, vendors and factory brand shops.

The results are returned to our system and we will email you for approval. The best price and quality results are found and sent ensuring that our customers are back on the bike riding again in the shortest time possible.

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To source and supply all bike related requests to our customers as quickly and efficiently as possible. Ensuring that we provided you with the best quality parts at the best price.


We deal in the buying and selling of bike parts, bike accessories and even finding your dream bike. BikeParts specializes in reducing time spent on looking for parts and getting unbeatable prices.

We even have contacts for that specialist who refurbishes only rare models or deals in vintage parts and bikes. If you cant find that part still, drop us a quick request!